Los Angeles Baby Shower


Our baby shower in LA was so magical. LA is where it all started for my little family. I met Kevin only a week after moving to LA and we instantly had a connection and became good friends. When we finally started dating, he moved to San Francisco where I eventually followed.

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Never drifting far from the lifelong friendships we made while living in LA, we never miss an opportunity to all get together when we can.

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Now that we’re older and “settling down” we’re finding ourselves really prioritizing time with our good friends. That’s why we decided to have our baby shower there. Our friends have traveled to celebrate so many special things in our lives with us so this time, we went to them.

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The day before the shower, Zeel treated Kevin and I to the best in-home couples massages. Zeel is such a special massage service since they specialize in same-day in-home massages. You can book your massage right from their website or on their app, so it’s completely hassle free. Zeel is truly the best, they always do such an amazing job and they are very accommodating. It was exactly what I needed right before celebrating our little girl. You guys can use discount code “CANDICEM” for $20 off your first massage!

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Our guests were spoiled by French Girl Organics with their Rose Lip Polish. This was another big hit at the shower! The Rose Lip Polish is a sugar scrub made with nourishing butters that leaves lips so soft and supple. The packaging is so cute and everyone was so excited to leave the shower with this little gem.

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NKD SKN Tan made all of my glowy skin dreams come true right before the shower! They came to me and made me feel so confident and ready for the big day. They are truly the best as they use nature and technology to give you an organic and sunless tan. They use only the most natural and nourishing ingredients so I always leave feeling good.

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Have you guys tried La Tierra Sagrada's Salt Spray yet? We were lucky enough to have them treat our guests to these amazing little bottles and everyone was so excited. This spray is known for cleansing, nourishing, adding moisture, strengthening and protecting the hair. La Tierra Sagrada’s Salt Spray gives such a cute beachy texture to hair which was perfect for our baby shower weekend in LA.

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We also had lots of Aqua Carpatica water at my shower, which I LOVE. I can’t say enough good things about them. Their water is nitrate-free, low in sodium, naturally enriched with electrolytes, and it’s not artificially purified. These are all things I appreciate on a regular basis, but especially now that I’m pregnant since I need to drink water that I can count on that has nutrients to help the baby develop.

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We had the luxury of having the most beautiful cake from Jessica Biel’s restaurant, Au Fudge, at our shower. It was so perfect in every way and it tasted just as amazing as it looked, it was a total crowd pleaser. If you haven’t been to Au Fudge, you need to go! It is the cutest place and they serve the yummiest food. It’s definitely the perfect place for families and we can’t wait to bring our little one here!

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Winc treated us to the yummiest sparkling wine at our shower! Winc is a monthly wine delivery service that helps you find the perfect wine to match your taste. It’s so easy to shop online and they are delivered right to your door. I love using Winc because I know I will always love what they send me. Their wine was such a hit at the shower, everyone loved it! If you guys want to give Winc a try you can use my discount code collectivelycandice for $20 off at checkout!

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Everyone wore white, ate BBQ without complaining (didn’t think that one through) and finished a bottle of Decada tequila five minutes after opening. It was a wonderful day and such a wonderful last hoorah as a family of three! See you soon, little girl.


Thank you so much to our baby shower sponsors: Au Fudge, Zeel, Aqua Carpatica, NKD SKN Tan, La Tierra Sagrada, Winc, and French Girl Organics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.