Cocktails Healthy People Order


We've all been there... on a diet and work calls for a happy hour. I don't enjoy skipping a good happy hour. I actually find that attending is necessary from time to time. I love nice cocktails and I enjoy them socially. But, unfortunately, some cocktails sabotage our dieting efforts.

In order to keep drinking socially and not be one of those people that has to cut alcohol completely when dieting, stick to fresh minimal ingredients (same rule applies to food). Since most of us aren't making our own cocktails - I figured a list of cocktails I occasionally order instead of recipes (to make your own) would be more beneficial.

Less sugar, less hangover - it's a fact. So keep the sugar to a minimum and enjoy a couple of cocktails. 

Don't worry, the hipster bartender will approve of these drinks.....

**When made without pre-made sugary mixers.
  • Old Fashioned - Tiny Bit of Sugar, Bitters, Bourbon, Water, Lemon Peel
  • Sea Breeze - Vodka, Cranberry, Grapefruit
  • Skinny Margarita - Tequila, Lime, Dash of Cointreau
  • Cosmopolitan - Vodka (or in my case, Gin), Lime, Cranberry
  • Mojito- Rum, Mint, Soda Water, Lime, Touch of Sugar
  • Gimlet - Gin, Lime
  • and... a glass of champagne (yep, low cal and sugar!)

I love a good watermelon margarita! Check out my recipe here. Also, if you love Gin, check out this cocktail. It's delicious!