christmas tree salad

Lets stay healthy this winter together!

Grab your grocery bags and head to your nearest market. Grab strawberries, nuts, spinach, chia seeds, lemons (for lemon juice as dressing), oil, vinegar and deli cut organic turkey.

This salad goes best with some warm caramel apple cider, find my recipe here.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants


Spinach is a winter superfood because of its phytonutrients.  Fresh 100 g of spinach contains about 25% of daily intake of iron! (what they said ).

I often find it difficult to enjoy a salad on a crisp winter day. But, I realized that if I’m drinking something warm, I actually enjoy the salad!

This salad recipe is not only easy, but it’s satisfying! I think i’ll make this as a side dish on Christmas day.