THE Bachelorette Party


So basically, when you’re throwing yourself or your best bitch a bachelorette party, anything goes. Almost.

DO: Be as basic as absolutely possible.

DO: Get ALL the penis things. ALL. 

DO: Force penis things on everyone.

DO: Pick a theme or seven.

DO: Embarrass the SHIT out of the bride and the groom… and any of the other family members that may see the photos.

DO: Spoil the shit out of her. Pull out all the stops.

DO: Take a party plane.

DO: Get silly bachelorette party tattoos.

DO: Go to the spa.

DO: Print out giants heads of the groom.

DO: Create a geo-filter.

DO: Get IV's.


DON’T: Do it small. Unless you like small.

DON’T: Settle for a “table” if you’re not happy with the location of it.

DON’T: Invite any basic bitches that are going to ruin your time or cause drama (aka - don’t invite anyone you don’t want to invite).

Hosting a party in Cabo was a first for me but we had the time of our lives! We stayed at the beautiful Casa Dorada which was perfectly located for a bachelorette party. All the fun bars are just right below at the beach! It was also super affordable.


I am blessed with the most incredible friends on earth. I was, and still am, incredibly in LOVE with my wedding party. My best friends came from all over to celebrate ME. What an amazing feeling. They absolutely spoiled me in every way possible. We made so many memories in Vegas at the SLS, dancing to Kaskade on the best table in the house, drinking LOTS of champagne and eating a little. 


I recently had the pleasure of hosting one of my best friend's bachelorette parties in Nashville. We planned it SUPER last minute but it came together without a hitch. It was pretty low-key, although we managed to get the bride drunk Friday night. It was the first time I had ever seen her dance moves... it was pretty AWESOME. 

Huge thanks to Winc wines and Craft & Foster candles for helping the make the weekend even more special. We drank the wines and bubbly all weekend and then the girls went home with cute Craft + Foster candles! They loved them. 

Note on Nashville:

Nashville is such a cool city! We got IV's on Saturday because the bride wasn't feeling great. They made us feel SO MUCH BETTER. The best meal I think we've ever had was Friday night at City House. It was unbelievable.

We had a lot of people recommend Adele's for dinner-- it's cute inside but extremely OVERRATED. The food was OK -- and the fact that they wouldn't sub out the Anchovy dressing on the kale caesar salad for our vegetarian bachelorette... PISSED ME OFF. The servers were slow and prone to accidents. We got the salad anyway but she didn't eat any. It was awful. You guys know I KNOW MY KALE. The salad at City House was 1000X better. Don't waste your time with this place.

Presidio Social Club is super cute so go there for sure!


Bachelorette parties are always so much fun! Just remember, if you're the bride, LET YOUR HAIR DOWN. And if you're the host, do everything the bride wants! And if you're a guest, do everything the bride wants. And if you're a bridesmaid, remember the MAID part. xo

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