Boost Your Energy While Traveling


Jet lag… we’ve all had it and we all know how miserable it can be. Whether it is a two hour difference to your neighboring state or nine hours away in the city of love. These time differences can really take a toll on your body and make or break your travel experience.

Over my years of jet lag, lack of energy, and coast to coast trips, I have learned the in’s and the out’s of making the most of my time. Energy is key, it is literally what makes the world go round in so many aspects of life. So I thought i would share how I keep my energy level at its best during my travels.


Food is your main source of energy. So if you are putting things that don’t give long lasting energy you will burn out quicker. Now I know it is vacation which is normally a time to indulge, so I am not saying don’t have the treats. What I am saying is make sure you have a source of protein, fruits and vegetables with each meal of the trip. Make sure to have small easy on the go snacks, for hangry emergencies. Here is my fave easy to pack and go container of mine.

Mornings can be rough but done right, you will be refreshed and ready for the best day out in a new city. As a coffee lover, I know that it is even more essential on travel days. However it is not the first thing I grab in the morning. Your body’s Cortisol levels are waking you up naturally for about an hour after you crack those eyelids. So coffee is not necessary until after this hour, and it will even be more effective the later you have it. So go ahead and take your time getting ready, then head out for the day.


Depending on your intentions for your trip, this may vary. However sleep is essential for a smooth next day. You know your body best, and what suits you. If you are an eight hour a night kinda gal, great do that, if you are a super human and can function on five hours at most, (you are amazing ) but do just that. Sleep is not only something you want to get enough of, but you can easily get too much sleep. Yep I said it, and too much sleep can actually make you tired, and lack energy.


If I know exactly what I am going to be doing on that day I can save up my energy for activities that need it most. Not only can I save it, but if I am the one who planned it chances are there is going to be some scheduled things that will restore my energy before moving on to the next big thing.

Planning what you pack beforehand can also aid in optimum energy. Knowing that you need to wear the heels on a specific day, will not only mentally prepare you for it, but you can give your feet a rest the days before. Most importantly plan a time to recoup, go to the pool, beach, spa, gym to gain back some lost vitality.


Luckily I am already in the desert, so I have been trained to hydrate my body for daily activities. But traveling can really take a lot out of you, bringing your body’s electrolytes down, and wearing out the mind and body. Alcohol can also dehydrate the body, so always keep bottle of water in the room for an easy go to refreshment. So remember to sip on some water throughout all hours of the day.