Beach Getaway | What To Do + What To Pack


Beach getaways will always be one of my favorite things. Even more so now that I have my very own little tribe to take along with me. I love when we all get to get away together, it's like an escape from all reality.

Fortunately our move to the middle of the desert wasn’t too far away for a trip to the beach. We can pack our bags and be soaking up the sun in five quick hours. 

Here is my rundown on how to get the most out of your weekend escape:

Choose a beach that isn’t completely seclusive - This way you have plenty of restaurant and shopping options around. Some of my favorites in the Southern California area are Manhattan, La Jolla Cove, and Huntington.

After the destination has been established I get to packing:

Wine - Make sure there's plenty of wine on deck and don't forget your bottle openers.

Sunscreen - Aside from a tasty beverage in my beach bag I make sure to have sunscreen, one of my all time faves is here

Sandals - The sand is no joke. The cutest sandals I recently found are here or my all time fave slides are here.

Entertainment Essentials - If I am going with a group of people I like to bring some entertainment. So music, playing cards or a volleyball are all great options.

Towel and Blanket - One to lie down on and one to keep warm just in case those beach winds get to be a little too much. The cutest beach towel is here!

Water - The necessity you should always have wherever you go. The sun can soak up the water inside of your body quick so you will need to continuously rehydrate! The cutest refillable water bottle is here.

Beach Tent - Last but not least, a pop-up beach tent is a must. We used it on our last trip to the beach and it was easy to put up and provided just enough shade for our little family.