Are you feeling a little... basic?


I was. So with the recommendation from a friend and the help of Yelp. . . I found my new favorite hair stylist in Scottsdale. 

I visited a (very different) salon in Scottsdale shortly before my honeymoon back in October. I needed a quick fix and I pretty much got the opposite. I sat in the chair for six -ish hours and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. It was fine, but I was definitely not going back. And a little scarred by how long it took -- even as a blogger, I don't have six hours to waste. My phone died an hour into it (and they didn't have one charger in the entire salon) and I wasn't even able to call and cancel my other appointments I had made that day. It could have been worse, I could have hated my hair. But first impressions are everything. I'm a risk taker and I will give you 100% of my trust. But if, after SIX hours, my hair isn't exactly how I wanted it. . . well, I think you can understand why I didn't go back. 

I really thought I would never find a salon in Scottsdale. I basically just stopped getting my hair done once I moved. My amazing hair stylist in San Francisco moved to Portland around the same time I left and I wasn't sure my hair was going to get that kind of love again. If you find yourself in Portland and are in need of a makeover (or, I mean, even a trim) call Juno Salon and ask for LeaAnne. She's amazing and will go to GREAT LENGTHS to squeeze you in and make it work.

A girlfriend I have here in Scottsdale mentioned BeSpoke Salon to me in passing. It kind of stuck with me because it's a pretty badass name for a salon. I was in need of a full makeover and I needed an expert hair stylist. Someone AMAZING. After doing like 7 days of Yelp research I knew Brittany was my girl. 1 - The salon is beautiful, I feel like I'm in NYC. 2 - ALL of the stylist are amazing. I was looking around and watching each one work and it's clear they know what the F they are doing. 

Brittany completely transformed my hair. It was no easy task but she did it quickly and efficiently. She's also down for a fun conversation! I really can't wait to go back. 

Now let's see if I can style it like she did! 


In Brittany's words . . . Chopped about 8 inches off. -  Balayage in foils, with a base & a glaze. 

In Brittany's words . . . Chopped about 8 inches off. - Balayage in foils, with a base & a glaze.