5 Ways To Make Your Mornings More Nutritious


1. Eat protein and fat.

This could mean eating eggs or this could mean adding an avocado to your protein shake. 

2. Add greens to your ritual. 

Getting your greens in first thing in the morning will give you a ton of energy (not to mention the boost you will get from the fiber). I like to have a green juice (this brand) or add spinach &/or zucchini to my eggs.

3. Drink water.

Like, duh. Sounds simple enough, right? Your body dehydrates while you sleep so something as simple as drinking a glass of water in the morning will give you energy. Water lubricates the joints and makes you feel well rested.

4. Add raw honey to your coffee.

Not only does honey help with allergies... it's also super nutritious. Honey contains essential enzymes, minerals, and vitamins to give you that little boost you need first thing in the morning. A little goes a long way. 

5. Cook with coconut oil and ghee.

Yes, ghee is butter and coconut oil is mostly saturated fats. If you're turning your nose up at this it's time you educated yourself on the new studies of fat. Ghee and coconut oil are very nutritious and will give you energy and help you digest food more easily - less bloat and stomach problems throughout the day! These two ingredients will also help you absorb vitamins.

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