2-Ingredient Smoothie Sunday


Ok, this might seem a little lazy but for the love of all simple things in life, I wanted to share it with you. 

Now...you can jazz this up all you want. I am an abuser of ingredients. I love to load everything I make with as many nutrients as possible. But, I was craving something delicious and refreshing the other night.. AND simple. 

So grab your favorite blender, about 6-7 fresh organic strawberries, 1 cup whole RAW organic milk, 1 handful of ice. Blend. 

If you're not into dairy, obviously sub out the milk for coconut milk or almond milk. Even adding a little coconut cream would make this indulgent. If you're using coconut milk or coconut cream, add a little protein powder to save your glucose. 

I also like to add one beet if I'm feeling like it. They are sweet and you will never even taste them. So if you're trying to incorporate more beets into your diet, this is the perfect shake for that. 

Serve right away! Enjoy.