10 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Hair


We all WANT healthy hair, but few of us really put forth the effort to make it happen! Here, we've made it easy. Ten simple steps to have shiny, healthy hair in no time!  


1. Invest in a good hairbrush. A bad hairbrush or a hairbrush not meant for your hair type can cause breakage and split ends. Here’s a few of my fave hair brushes that work for all hair types!

  • Wet Original Brush - This one works great on all hair types since it has stiff bristles similar to a comb. It’s a fave because you can use it on wet hair!
  • Classic Wide Tooth Comb - Wide tooth combs are great for all hair types and don’t cause breakage PLUS they let you work out those tangles while your hair is still wet. 
  • Mixed Bristle Brush - This one is great at detangling and can work on just about any hair type thanks to those mixed bristles. Plus the bristles work to distribute your hair’s natural oils around leaving your locks shiny!

2. Don’t shampoo everyday. Shampooing every day strips away those natural oils that your scalp is producing. Believe it or not, those natural oils are good for your hair and will naturally nourish it. So go ahead and sport that top knot for a day or two, dirty hair is good for you!

3. Trim your hair frequently. Have you been skipping your monthly appointments to see your hairstylist? Trimming your hair often helps it grow faster and you won’t get so many tangles! Not to mention you’ll get rid of those pesky split ends and your hair will take much better to your conditioner and other fave hair products.

4. Limit the heat tools. Who doesn’t love wavy locks in the summer? Using heat tools may be your go to way to style your hair, but those curling wands and straighteners are damaging to your hair. Here’s a few no-heat hairstyles that could be your go-to this summer!

5.  Use a DIY hair mask. DIY hair masks are one of the best things for your hair since they are so natural and you get to know exactly what ingredients are going in your hair. DIY hair masks don’t have to be costly and take a ton of time. Simply masking your hair with organic coconut oil and letting it sit for a few hours will do wonders! 

6. Pick up a clarifying shampoo. Weekly use of your trust clarifying shampoo will keep your hair healthy by eliminating harsh build up that even our fave hair products can eventually cause. Keeping build up around can cause dandruff and make it hard for our hair products to really penetrate the hair shaft to do their job.

7. Grab some purple shampoo. This one is for blondes or anyone who has highlights in their hair. Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo that will keep your blonde shades from turning brassy. The shampoo is literally a shade of violet and works wonders evening out any unwanted orange tones!

8. Ditch the sulfates. Sulfates are used in lots of shampoos because they help create suds, unfortunately they also can be harsh on your hair and strip the good oils that your hair wants to keep! Using a sulfate-free shampoo will clean your hair while still being gentle and leaving those healthy oils.

9. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair in colder water. Warm showers are great because they will work to open the cuticle in your hair which will let your hair products penetrate the hair shaft. Using colder water when rinsing out your conditioner will close the cuticle and keep the conditioner locked in.

10. Practice eating right. Eating a well-rounded diet will ensure that your hair gets all of the vitamins, minerals and proteins that it needs to grow and shine!




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