Sassy Sleeves + Bright Whites


I think all outfits should have that special piece. The one that just makes it and makes a point. Usually, for me, this is my leather jacket. But lately, I've been trying to branch out a bit. You might see me in a bomber coat, large fur jacket, or a giant bell sleeve these days (I know, I know). 


Anyway, I got this number back in the summer to wear to a Polo match, and kind of put it up when the winter months hit. Fortunately, I live in the desert and every once in a while during the winter, we get a warm day. Today was one of those days. 


A bell sleeve paired with a classic belle de jour clutch (that's sold out everywhere). Don't worry, the monogram clutch looks similar, linked below.


I live in a Diff aviator this year. I love how affordable these sunglasses are... but most importantly that they represent a good cause. 


White-on-white is really the only way I like to wear white. I think it's so chic to put it together.


And you'll NEVER guess where these mules came from!! They were OH-so-cheap and they're actually really comfortable. I get a lot of compliments on them and people are in shock when I let them in on the secret. 

I love denim white jeans. BUT, I only love ONE brand. White jeans can go wrong in so many ways. Most will show your undies (this can be a good or bad thing depending on which undies I'm wearing, ha) and for some reason, when you make a pair of jeans white, it becomes very unflattering.... but not these. These hug and kiss all the right places, don't show your undies, and make your bootie look great! They're linked below.