Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth


Okay, I totally get that the main benefit of brushing your teeth is so that people will not run away when you greet them, and the obvious dental hygiene perks. A pretty smile and healthy teeth is definitely worth the two times a day in my opinion. But what if I told you there are so many more reasons to keep up with your daily brushing habits?

One of the multiple benefits to keeping those pearly whites, pearly and white is saving money. The dentist can be pricey especially if you aren’t backed by a good insurance. But keep up with your daily brushing and you are sure to save a trip or two to the dentist's chair.

While you are staying minty fresh you are also preventing disease. Gum disease, Gingivitis, is basically a build up of food and bacteria disguised as plaque. When you break it down it sounds so gross that you will be running to grab your toothbrush asap.

Dementia is another disease that can be prevented by a simple spit and rinse. The daily brush reduces the risk of developing Dementia by a third.

Many things are done to prevent heart attacks or a stroke, one of the easiest ways is to clean your teeth regularly. The bacteria from above can make its way into your bloodstream and increase your chances for both heart attack and stroke.

Control and prevent diabetes. Gum disease and diabetes correlate with each other. Meaning if you have gum disease you are more susceptible to affect your blood glucose levels which directly effects the progression of diabetes.

A healthy baby, this is good for all of you soon to be moms out there. Keeping up with your daily brush can insure that your baby is not premature and is at a healthy weight. Not to mention healthy mouth and gums can can increase chances of conception.

Lastly, brushing is a great way to add some minerals into your diet. If you pick your toothpaste carefully it can do more than just get rid of plaque and make those teeth whiter. Pick a toothpaste that has good minerals in it like calcium and phosphates like this one.

You can also save the earth one toothbrush at a time. Here is one of my fave biodegradable bamboo brushes and if you are an electric toothbrush user here is a good one.

So now that you know more don't forget to brush twice a day, if not for common courtesy, for your overall health!