Goal Weight vs Goal Lifestyle


I've never had a goal weight. To be honest, I think it's silly. I've always had my goal lifestyle in mind though. And when I'm living that out, I seem to be in great shape.

My daily goals will always include fitting in at least an hour of ME time to workout. It will always include greens, and on some or even most days, it will include wine.


Those things, as well as the figure that comes along with them, make me happy.

And you have to be ok with that.

Having a goal weight means at some point, you stop what you're doing and get back to your "normal." And for most people, that means gaining the weight back and not feeling good about themselves. 


But having a goal lifestyle means you're incorporating in the things that make you happy, and the things that get you to YOUR happy.

Weight loss struggles are hugely overemphasized in the US which may contribute to a lot of our weight issues. We spend WAY too much time discussing weight loss methods and putting ourselves down. Staying focused on your goal lifestyle should be what you're spending your energy on.


Following THAT fitness model on Instagram probably isn't going to help you much. And if I'm being truly honest, watching someone else's struggle unfold won't help you either. When you're insecure about what YOU look like, you either like to look at someone and be jealous, or look at someone and be happy they're doing worse than you. Neither of these things are healthy, but I see it all the time. 

When you're focusing on YOU, you are so much more in tune with how things make you feel. The way I eat is so subconsciously ingrained that I rarely think about it. Working out is a part of my life. Eating well is just another part of my life. I splurge one day and the next day I can't stand to look at a heavy meal. But things haven't always been like that. Slow and steady, I ended up here.

Find the things you love and ALLOW THOSE. And set realistic goals that will stick, not just get you to a goal weight. 

My non-negotiables: wine, Powerberries from TJS, pizza and pasta, staying fit, and being well rested! I find a way to make all of these work because I sacrifice in other places of my life that aren't that important to me. 

I happen to LOVE healthy foods, but not everyone does, I get that. Or at least, they don't think that they do. But almost everyone cares about their weight. Once you figure out which is important to you, your health, your weight, or your carbs, WHATEVER, you put things into perspective and do what it takes to make it work FOR YOU.